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Warranty Information

Get the best warranty, the best finish and the best service all wrapped up in one

We will warrant your bathtub - Tile - Countertop for five years for any Reason. You, the customer is entitled to have one free callback during this time to make repairs to the finish product due to chip’s, peeling, blistering and lifting should occur. Caulking and any other issues will be charged at an hourly rate.

For Five years, for any reason whatsoever including stains, chips (whoops the plumber dropped something) lifting and peeling, if you left soap on the side of the bathtub, a dripping tap, you OR your tenant, for whatever reason, we will come and fix it at NO cost to you one time in the Five Years.

Our product is made for underwater. It is bulldog tough. It sticks on like glue. It has a great shine. All the things you want in a New finish.

For the best protection against wear and scratches, (things that warranty does not cover)  get our diamond coat, a clear hardened coating that is sprayed on as the last coat.  This ultra urethane coating gives 25% better shine and is more than a 4 H hardness meaning you can scrub off a permanent marker without damaging the new coating.  If you are staying in the same home for the next 3 years or more, the extra $75 is well worth it.