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Diamond Coat

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What is a diamond coat? 


We offer a distinct advantage of a high cross-linking aliphatic urethane that is "resin rich" wear layer that forms at the surface during the curing cycle. This layer provides long term protection for the pigment particles, improves color and gloss retention and gives that deep, rich gloss associated with high quality urethane.


In addition to providing aesthetic qualities, this "resin-rich" wear layer also provides a versatile barrier to all forms of punishment from caustic acids, abrasives, solvents in cosmetics, dyes, etc. that are known to stain, destroy, or limit the lifespan of most refinishing products used on the market today.


Our Diamond coating has ultraviolet light screening agents U.V.R. and ULTRA BLOCK protecting the surface against harmful light radiation which will turn many coatings, particularly epoxy, prematurely yellow. The diamond coating formula extends the lifespan of your refinished product by keeping the finish bright and colorfast, which guarantees long term customer satisfaction.


The diamond coating provides a cross-linked cured coating system, topcoat to primer, primer to substrate.  the super performance of the diamond coating is a direct result of not just the premium urethane itself, but eh capability of the primer system to support the topcoat.



That is the high number of density crosslinks holding the molecules together.


ASK For it;  The diamond coat.



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- Ann Keylock


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